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Michael Irwin

Engineering Manager
Blacksburg, VA

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Michael Irwin recently joined Docker as an Engineering Manager for a team focusing on onboarding, training, and getting folks up and going with containers. He is looking forward to explore new and innovative ways to help lower the barrier of entry and make containers more approachable and accessible.

Previously, he was the Lead Platform Architect at Virginia Tech, where he spent two years working to build a common application platform to let dev teams focus on what they love most... writing code! He helped pioneer ways to support multi-tenancy leveraging by several open-source projects and frequently shares what he learns.

He also teaches several container-related courses as an Adjunct Faculty Instructor in the CS Dept at Virginia Tech. Outside of work, you'll find him spending time with his family (wife with four girls and a boy), helping with various church-related responsibilities, or trying to spend more time outdoors.